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Port Ship Service has been in the maritime transportation business since 1930 along with two other water taxi services. In 1945, Freddy (fatty) Willhoft (Raymond Sr's father) bought out the other two companies owned by the Goodyear family and the Guidry and Wright Brothers. The three merged into one company, called Port Ship Service. Raymond and his brother took over after the death of their father. The original fleet was six converted wooden shrimp boats. Today Port Ship Service, with its fleet of nineteen aluminum crewboats, prides itself as being the largest and most efficient launch service in the Port of New Orleans.



                      IN MEMORIAM

                         1934  -  2000


After the passing of their father, Port Ship Service has continued to grow with Raymond Jr., Rod and Terry, at the helm. Port Ship Service now has numerous stations along the lower and upper Mississippi River to service vessels from Pilot town to the Darrow Bouy system. These stations employ nineteen boats , six transportation vehicles and over one hundred employees. All stations are equipped with heavy lift cranes and forklifts to facilitate efficient loading of provisions, anchors, spare parts, or any other needs of your vessels. Included in the crew boat ensemble are seven large supply vessels, which can carry up to thirty tons with speeds up to twenty knots. Port Ship Service has long been a leader in service, catering to the needs of the vessels traversing the Port of New Orleans. Whether transporting a river pilot to your vessel or loading those necessary provisions, Port Ship Service is always there. it is the intention of the Willhoft Family to insure that your vessel receives the finest service and your agent/representatives are transported by the fastest means possible.

When your vessels are in route to the Port of New Orleans, please consider using Port Ship Service for all your water transportation needs. We are a family-owned, quality-minded service with you , the owners, in mind.

Special contract terms are available. Contact our office or our contact in London/Piraeus

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